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Legalisation of Indonesian Documents

The original Indonesian certificates should be legalized as follows:

  1. The certificates of Single status and Birth should be translated by authorized translator into English and should be legalized at:
    1. Ministry of Law and Human Rights of  the Rep. of Indonesia

      Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 4 – 5 Jakarta Selatan

    2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  the Rep. of Indonesia

      Jl. Taman Pejambon No. 6 Jakarta Pusat

  2. The Danish Embassy then legalises the signature of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s officials.

Additional note:

if the document in question is already in English, please refer to the institution who issues that document before going to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (for instance, birth and marriage certificate is issued by Civil Registry Office/Catatan Sipil, therefore, the applicant must consult first with Civil registry Office before having the document in question legalized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.  

*Please note that the Embassy reserves the right to reject legalisation of an incorrect translation, even though it may have already been legalized by the Legalization Division.

Also please note that the Embassy cannot assist in procuring the necessary Indonesian certificates for marriage in Denmark, and we can neither assist with bringing the certificates to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization. Instead we advise that you seek the help from a family member or a friend who can help you to go through the legalization process.

For information on legalisation fee please click here.