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The Trade Council

As part of the Danish Trade Council, the commercial section of the Embassy of Denmark assists Danish companies in their activities in Indonesia. 

Update: Danish subsidiaries in Indonesia can apply for tax relaxation

Various measures have been taken in mitigating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indonesian government has moved to expand its tax incentives for taxpayers through Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 44/PMK.03/2020 to further ensure a speedy recovery of the nation’s economy.

Please find below policies and eligibilities for Danish subsidiaries that may apply, effective 27 April 2020:






Income Tax Article 21 for workers is borne by government


- 1062 business fields from manufacturing, services, logistics, air transport, tourism, telecommunication, trade & retail, etc.

- Has been determined as KITE taxpayers, or

- Acquire licenses of bonded area operator, bonded area business, or companies in bonded area

- Given for 6 months, starting from April to September 2020, up to IDR 200 Mio per annual income



Exemption of Income Tax Article 22 for Import


- 431 certain business fields

- KITE taxpayers, or

- Certain companies in bonded area with exemption facilities from collection of Income tax Article 22 for Import

- Given for 6 months, starting from April to September 2020



Reduction of income tax article 25 by 30%


- 846 certain business fields

- KITE taxpayers

- Companies in bonded area receive a 30% reduction of tax income tax instalment of Article 25

- Given for 6 months, starting from April to September 2020



Relaxation of value added tax (VAT) refunds


- Relaxation is provided through accelerated VAT refunds (preliminary returns)

- 431 certain business fields,

- KITE taxpayers, or

- Companies in bonded area, determined as low risk taxable entrepreneurs

- Given for 6 months, starting from April to September 2020


*KITE: Import Facilities for Export Purposes

More info: [email protected]


Energy, Environment & Water

Team Leader:
Jacob Kahl Jepsen
Head of Trade
[email protected]
+62 817 88 35 88



Team Leader: 
Masayu Octora
Trade Advisor
+62 818 885 756


Food & Agriculture

Team Leader
Andre Pandean
Trade Advisor
[email protected]
+62 878 0005 9778



Design & Creative Economy