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Marriage in Denmark

General information:

Foreign nationals may register marriage in Denmark provided the Danish conditions for their entering into marriage have been met with. The Danish authorities certify this in a so-called "certificate of marriage". The certificate is valid for 4 months.

According to information provided by the Copenhagen City Hall's Marriage Office (Københavns Magistrat, 1. afd.), the following documentation is required when a foreign national wishes to register marriage in Denmark:

  1. Original birth certificate and valid passport.
  2. Proof of name change, if relevant.
  3. Divorce papers, or death certificate of former spouse, if relevant.

Please note that such certificates should be sent for prior approval to:

Københavns Overpræsidium, Hammerensgade 1, 1267 København K, tel. No. (+45) 3312 2380.

The Marriage Office has mentioned that the couple should plan to stay in the city for at least 14 days.

Contact details for the Copenhagen Citizen Service Centre:

Phone: 33 66 33 66
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 10.00 - 18.00
E-mail: [email protected] 

Read more about marriages, Municipality of Copenhagen:

A fee will be charged for the service.

Information about Indonesian Nationals' Registration of Marriage in Denmark

The Embassy's experience is that the Danish authorities require the following (legalised) documentation from Indonesian nationals:

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Civil status certificate (Surat Keterangan Single) 
  3. If relevant, divorce certificate or, in case of former spouse's death, death certificate.
  4. Name change certificate, if relevant.
  5. Copy of passport.

The original Indonesian certificates should be legalized as follows:

1. The certificates (and translation to English if relevant) should be legalised first by the Legalisation Division in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (KEMLU).

2. The Danish Embassy then legalises the signature of the Legalisation Division. The service will be subject to a fee (see fees).

*Please note that the Embassy reserves the right to reject legalisation of an incorrect translation, even though it may have already been legalised by the Legalisation Division.

Also please note that the Embassy cannot assist in procuring the necessary Indonesian certificates for marriage in Denmark, and we can neither assist with bringing the certificates to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalisation. Instead we advise that you seek the help from a family member or a friend who can help you.