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Danish Drivers License

As per 1 January 2017 persons holding a Danish driving license, who do not have their habitual residence in Denmark, may no longer hand in applications for duplicate driving licenses or renewal of driving licenses to Danish missions abroad. 

Danish driving licenses may now only be issued to persons who have habitual residence in Denmark. Habitual residence means the country where the person stays at least 185 days in one calendar year. 

This restriction does not apply in relation to international driving licences. Also, persons holding a Danish driving license, who are on holiday abroad – but still have their habitual residence in Denmark – are not affected by these new rules.

As per 1 January 2017 all persons who have obtained a Danish driving license and who do not have habitual residence in Denmark are referred to the police authorities in their country of residence in order to apply for a duplicate driving license and renewal of a driving license. This can be done on the basis of a declaration from the Danish police authorities confirming the holder's driving rights. This declaration can be obtained by sending a written application to:

The National Commissioner of Police ("Rigspolitiet")
Administrationsafdelingen, Pas og Kørekort
Polititorvet 14
DK-1780 København V
E-mail: [email protected]

Lost Danish Driving Licences 

If you have lost your Danish Driving Licence and you are resident in Indonesia you will have to obtain an Indonesian Driving Licence.

As you have no driving licence to exchange you must enclose a Declaration of Driving Rights in English with your application.

This Declaration can be obtained in English from the Police in Denmark by forwarding a signed request to:

Pas & Kørekort
Polititorvet 14
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Fax 0045 4515 0176
[email protected]  

You should enclose the following with your request to Rigspolitiet:

  1. Receipt from the local police stating that your licence has been reported lost
  2. A letter stating  where, when and how it was lost
  3. A copy of your passport


An International Driving Licence is valid for one year only and may be applied for by presenting a valid Danish Driving Licence.

Where to apply

In person at the Embassy's or at a local Danish Consulate.

If you wish to apply at a Consulate you must make an appointment direct with the Consulates. List of Danish Consulates in Indonesia.

International Driving Licences are issued centrally in Denmark and the processing time is 4-5 weeks

You have to submit

  1.  A valid Danish Driving Licence
  2. Your current Danish passport
  3. One passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 am) taken face on. Your head must measure between 3.0 and 3.6 cm from the bottom of your chin to the top of your hair 
  4. One application form to be filled in at the Embassy or Consulate

The fee is IDR 837,500 (as of 25 February 2021)