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Energy, Environment & Water Team

Energetic Leapfrog into the Future

Indonesia is currently building the energy infrastructure which is expected to take the country through the next half-century. A lot has been achieved and many projects are in progress; for example, about 18 000 Megawatts are currently under construction. However, South-East Asia’s largest economy still has a lot to catch up on.

The total current work program (in the electricity sector) includes a 25 GW (formerly 35 GW) expansion in generating capacity, some 10,000 transformer stations and a similar expansion of the country’s electrical grid network. In all other infrastructure areas, similar national strategic programs are being rolled out. While this represents a tremendous challenge, given the size, diversity and geography of the country, it is also a great opportunity, not only for businesses and the people involved but also for the nation as a whole.

Indonesia has the opportunity to learn from other regions such as Europe, China and India, and has the chance to avoid pitfalls and to leapfrog the expensive learning curve. A careful selection of technology and strategy will obviate the need for upgrades and modifications worth billions of dollars in the near future.

The national goal is a power infrastructure which is characterized by its availability, affordability, accessibility, acceptability and sustainability. Renewable energy sources are widely available and are competitive and affordable with predictable costs. Said renewable sources provide access in central and remote regions, enjoy good levels of acceptability and are therefore sustainable.

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