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Biomass, Biogas and WtE Alliance

The Biomass, Biogas and WtE Alliance is a Strategic Business Alliance, initiated and managed by the Trade Council in Jakarta for Danish companies in the sectors of bioenergy and waste to energy.

What is a Strategic Business Alliance (SBA)

The Strategic Business Alliance programme is a subsidized programme financed by the Danish government to support Danish small medium-sized companies looking to establish or expand international activities. The Strategic Business Alliance creates synergies between small and medium-sized companies and larger companies benefitting all participants in the alliance.

The Embassy, through the Trade Council and the Strategic Sector Cooperation, will assist, facilitate and support the Alliance towards the market.

The main purpose of the Biomass, Biogas and WtE Alliance

  • Energy and waste planning for Indonesian cities and islands with a view to develop specific roadmaps for the utilisation of the biomass and WtE potential
  • Development of pre-feasibility studies and investment plans for biomass, biogas and WtE projects in selected Indonesian cities and islands 
  • Develop business opportunities, including concrete and tangible projects
  • Identify and engage with key stakeholders, decision-makers, developers, investors and potential business partners through site visits & meetings
  • Arrange technical workshops for local governments with exposure to Danish technology-providers and project-developers
  • Arrange fact finding trips to Denmark for key Indonesian stakeholders at national, provincial and municipal levels, in collaboration with the existing Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes
  • Discuss and plan additional tailored activities for the Biomass, Biogas and WtE Alliance
  • Create a solid concept to replicate the model to other parts of Indonesia and potentially other countries, especially in Southeast Asia

Value Proposition for the Alliance-members

  • With the Danish Embassy paving the way on the selected islands, the members of the Biomass, Biogas and WtE Alliance will gain privileged access to high-potential markets
  • The SBA Members will receive the cities’ investment plans first-hand and will be given unique access to the local decision makers
  • In addition to benefitting from the Danish Embassy’s close cooperation with PLN (Indonesian state-owned power utility company with a monopoly on electricity production and distribution), the Alliance-members will get the opportunity to display their businesses at a PLN study tour to Denmark

How to submit to the alliance?

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