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Travel insurance

The Danish public health insurances does not cover Malaysia. It is therefore important to make a private travel insurance when travelling to Malaysia.

Remember to arrange for travel insurance and be sure that the travel insurance coverage is adequate. Special attention should be on the following areas:

  • length of journey (be sure to cover the entire duration of your stay)
  • purpose of the stay (holiday / studies / business)
  • travel activities (make sure you have coverage for all planned activities, including risky sports)

Always be sure that you have the right insurance when travelling, so that you will be able to cover costs which have to do with illness, injury, death and possible repatriation to Denmark.

Sports injuries and chronic conditions
Be aware that a standard travel insurance does not necessarily cover certain sports accidents (e.g. diving, river rafting, mountain climbing and gliding) and for the treatment of chronic conditions that existed prior to departure.

Search, rescue and salvage operations
In many countries, search and rescue or salvage operations are not free, this include Malaysia. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish embassies and consulates are not able to pay in such cases without any collateral from you, your bank or your family.

Before you book a trip involving risky activities such as diving, river rafting, mountain climbing and gliding, you should either make sure that the tour operator or the local organizer of the activity can provide security for or pay for any search, rescue or salvage action or even take out insurance to cover these situations.