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Selamat Datang!

Welcome to the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta, Indonesia, and welcome to our official website.

Indonesia and Denmark have much in common. We are committed to the same values and on many issues, we share the same views. At the same time Indonesia and Denmark are two very unique countries. With different strengths and different challenges. Our commonalities and our diversity carry with them an enormous potential and are in fact opportunities, which can be turned into complementarity and unity. As an Indonesian saying goes: "Asam di gunung, garam di laut bertemu dalam satu belanga."  [1]     
The relationship between Indonesia and Denmark goes back hundreds of years. Over the years relations have strengthened and developed. Today we actively cooperate in many areas from commerce and trade, to support for business-to-business partnerships, to technical and practical cooperation on climate change, environmental preservation and energy efficiency and to active collaboration in support for the consolidation and development of the democracy, which Indonesians are so rightly proud of. More and more Indonesians are visiting Denmark every year and the other way around - and in their own way contribute to strengthening the ties between our two countries.

Our relationship is strong and has the potential for even further development to mutual benefit. It is the Embassy‚Äôs finest task to work to utilise this potential to its full and to assist Danes and Indonesians. 
At this website, we aim to provide easy access to information about Denmark and the relationship between Indonesia and Denmark including politics, business cooperation, development cooperation, consular matters, culture, and tourist information.

Should you be unable to find what you are looking for, the Embassy will be pleased to provide additional information and assistance whenever needed, just as we would welcome your comments or suggestions for the content of the website.

Terima Kasih,

Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen

~ Tamarind in the mountain and salt in the sea meet in one pot