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Payment for services

The Foreign Service can assist with a wide range of services. Generally, a fee is charged for the assistance provided, whether the request is made to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, an embassy or a consulate abroad. For some services the fee is based on hours spent and for others the fee is fixed. The rules for payment are established in the Executive Order on Payment for Services Provided by the Danish Foreign Service.

The Embassy's fees can be paid:
• In cash in Indonesian Rupiah
• The Embassy issues an invoice in Indonesian Rupiah (for payment into the Embassy´s bank account in Standard Chartered Bank, cf. below).

Our Indonesian Bank: 

Standard Chartered Bank

Sudirman branch

Account name: Royal Danish Embassy

Account no.: 30600005442 (IDR currency)

Swift code: SCBLIDJX

Current consular fees

Click here for a list on current consular fees. The list is updated annually.