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Our Services

The commercial section of the Embassy of Denmark is capable of supporting Danish companies in several ways and areas.

Denmark has state of the art products in many fields, such as technologies, green solutions, production facilities etc., and several of these competencies are demanded and needed in Indonesia. Therefore, Danish companies face an extremely attractive market in Indonesia and the Embassy of Denmark can be helpful in obtaining this potential.

The commercial section's services include:

  • General information on the market
  • Assistance in setting up a business
  • Market research
  • Identification of local business partners
  • Credit reports supplied by local credit information companies
  • Presentation of products or sales material for potential customers
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Setting up visiting programmes for Danish exports
  • Provide support regarding conducting networking events, workshops, pop up shops etc.
  • Offer the Ambassador’s residence as location for such events

This is not an exhaustive list though. Kindly contact us regarding specific requirements, and we can make an arrangement. We will then discuss the specific demands from you and align expectations.

Book a non-committal meeting 
A meeting with one of our commercial advisers, whether in Jakarta or Denmark, is free of charge, and the commercial section can deliver free of charge services for smaller inquiries. However, for longer commitments and services the Embassy is according to Danish regulations required to charge an hourly rate of DKK 935 (2016-rate) for its consultancy services and any direct expenses will be charged at cost price.

We help you to get into the Indonesian market
The Trade Council offers a list of programmes and subsidies for export projects which can help a company financing the entry on the Indonesian market. The Trade Council's homepage has both an English version and a Danish version of the entire list or see under “Export and investment” for further information.

Danish companies with limited or no export experience in Indonesia and South East Asia may as a first step obtain helpful advice from the Trade Council of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Please see under "Export and investment".