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Export and investment

The Trade Council is the export and investment organization within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark. The council can assist Danish companies who want to go abroad.

Get assistance from the Danish Trade Council
Danish companies with limited or no export experience in Indonesia and South East Asia may as a first step obtain helpful advice from the Trade Council.

The Danish Trade Council focuses on the three business areas of global growth, global public affairs and global opportunities and risks.
Within these areas the Trade Council can assist in:

  • Getting a business started or expand existing ones
  • Retention and development of the market
  • Challenges on the market
  • Identifying the right partners
  • Providíng access to key decision makers
  • Minimizing risks through risk analysis
  • Advice on CSR, including anti-corruption

These services can prove as a helpful introduction to the field of export and smooth the process.

The Trade Council also offers specific programmes and subsidies that Danish companies can gain from, publications including “Eksportfokus” and Invest in Denmark, a promotion agency helping companies considering a business set-up or looking to access one of the most skilled talent pools.

Lear more about the Trade Council's programmes and subsidies here. Or visit the Danish Trade Councils website.

Get assitance from the commercial section in Indonesia
The Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia is capable of delivering services which extend the knowledge and background information regarding the specific sectors, its potential and key stakeholders. Read more about our services under Our Services.