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Refusal and appeal

The Embassy occasionally rejects visa applications. These refusals can be — and in some cases will automatically be — appealed to the Danish Immigration Service. Refusals in cases where the Embassy has presented the application to the Danish Immigration Service for a decision, can be appealed to the Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing.

The vast majority of refusals issued by the Embassy are automatically sent for review (appeal) at the Danish Immigration Service, without the applicant having to request this. The Immigration Service will decide whether to change or up-hold the Embassy's decision.

Some refusal decision are made with individual appeal which means that the applicant him/herself must initiate the appeal processes if relevant.
Information as to how to initiate this process is included in the official refusal letter handed out by the embassy.

The refusal letter from the Embassy will indicate if the applicant exceptionally has do something to have a case reviewed.

If an applicant has any remarks or information that she or he wants the Danish Immigration Service to take into consideration when handling the appeal, it is possible to contact the Danish Immigration Service by using the contact form on the following website

If it is not possible to use the contact form, remarks can be sent by letter to the Danish Immigration Service, Ryesgade 53, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark. When contacting Danish Immigration Service, please state the application number of the case, applicant's full name and nationality, as well as the date of the decision made by the Danish Embassy.

Re-opening an application

After the Immigration Service has made its decision, an application can be re-opened if it was rejected due to insufficient information. The applicant or the Danish host can by e-mail to the Embassy on submit a request to re-open the application, together with additional documentation. The Embassy will then assess whether the additional documentation is sufficient to influence the decision and to re-open the case. The usual case processing time and fees apply.

An application can only be re-opened if the facts and circumstances that prevailed at the time of the decision still remain the same and the new documentation must relate to these circumstances. If the circumstances of the applicant or the host has changed after the rejection was issued and the information concerns this, a new visa application containing the information should be submitted. The usual case processing time and fees apply.