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Design & Creative Economy

With the population reaches almost 300 million people and growing middle classes, Indonesia becomes the interesting country for retail industry to grow. Additionally, there has been a modification in terms of the country’s modern stores, specifically the creation of multi-format outlets, which reflect changes in the lifestyles and spending habits of Indonesia’s middle-class and proactive youth.

Despite these promising opportunities, however, the retail sector faces a growing number of challenges as a result of tighter competition, rising operational costs and increasingly stringent government regulations. Moreover, with the development of technology affecting changing consumer behavior from conventional channels to online. Retailers have to adapt to new conditions by continue to innovate and diversify their products & services, maintain efficiency and also make technological advances across the supply chain in order to survive. In addition, tight competition within the retail sector is expected to help drive the development of e-commerce in Indonesia.

Design & Creative Economy Team Leader:
Karina Charlotte Mosgart
Deputy Head of Trade
+62 817 010 39 54