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Relocation of the Indonesian Capital City

From Java to Borneo


The Indonesian president Jokowi has announced that the Indonesian Capital will be moved and a new green and modern city will be constructed.

The construction of the new Capital will begin in 2021 and central parts of the city should be finished in 2024. The government is especially focusing on sustainability and they wish to create a new smart and green city based on circular economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy. In addition, the development of public transport, bike lanes and electrified transport are of high priority. You can find more information about the Capital relocation here.

Denmark is collaborating and assisting the Indonesian government in achieving a green transition in Indonesia. By doing that, we are paving the way for Danish strongholds and solutions within cleantech.

The Embassy is following the relocation of the Capital closely. If your company is interested in this mega project, the Embassy offers membership of “Danish Friends of the New Capital” (DAFCA). By joining DAFCA, you will get the latest news and information about the project. You can find more information about DAFCA here.