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Growth Strategy Indonesia

'Growth Strategy Indonesia' is the Danish Government's strategy to take part in the economic growth in Indonesia through strong cooperation between the public and the private sector

Great opportunities in Indonesia
Indonesia is one of the most economical interesting countries in the world with a big potential and several market opportunities for Danish companies to explore.

In relation to this fact, the Danish government launched 'Growth Strategy Indonesia' in March 2013. The strategy forms part of the overall effort from Denmark to strengthen cooperation within 10 selected emerging and growing markets. In close cooperation between the private and public sector, the strategy will form the content of the hard work to increase the Danish engagement in these rapidly growing economies, from where the bulk of global economic growth will come in the coming years.

Growth Strategy Indonesia aims to double Danish export to Indonesia by 2016, and several initiatives will be implemented to reach this target. Besides cross-cutting actions, the focus will be on six sectors where Denmark has unique competencies and Indonesia at the same time demands foreign investments:

  • Cleantech – environment, green growth, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Food industry and technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Design, luxury and consumer goods
  • Healthcare

The strategy will support the growing interest in Indonesia from Danish companies by increasing the visibility of Denmark in Indonesia, strengthen the political relations and improving working conditions for Danish companies.

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