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Human Rights and Democracy Program

Since the late 1990s, Denmark has provided support to Indonesian civil society actors and other stakeholders for a number of activities in relation to democratization, good governance, transparency and accountability, religious tolerance, gender equality and human rights, conflict prevention and combating transnational crime.

The current programme, Good Governance in Indonesia 2014-2017, has a total budget of 60 million DKK. It continues the Danish support (which began in 2007) to the consolidation of Indonesia‚Äôs transition to full democracy and the reform agenda of the Indonesian government.

The overall objective for the programme is to support key Indonesian stakeholders in further consolidating and developing Indonesien democracy and governance. The aim is to strengthen and deepen the anti-corruption movement through transparency and accountability and to support interventions in promoting non-discrimmination, tolerance and civic values. The objective here is to strengthen the capacity and commitment of society, state and law enforcement agencies to uphold human rights, peace and tolerance in the region.   

Through the programme Denmark cooperates with different partners to support a deepening of democracy and improved governance by strengthening democratic and rights based civic values, countering trans-national crime and curbing corruption.

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Institute of Peace and Democracy
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