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Danida Support to Harapan Rainforest

Harapan Rainforest (HRF) is a joint initiative of a consortium of Danida, Burung Indonesia, BirdLife International and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). It is the first project in Indonesia to be implemented under an ecosystem restoration licence, allowing the management of production forest for restoration rather than logging.   

HRF aims to restore about 100,000 ha (almost twice the size of the Danish island Bornholm) of dry lowland forest in Sumatra – one of the richest in biodiversity, and most threatened forest habitats in the world. The forest is home to many globally threatened species of wildlife, and provides sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities. In addition, it has important ecosystem service functions, such as the protection and sequestration of forest carbon, release of oxygen, and the prevention of soil erosion and flooding.  

The Danida support to Harapan Rainforest consists of four components: 

Forest conservation and restoration
Restoration, through a combination of replanting at least 10.000 ha of degraded forest, protection against encroachment and prevention of forest fires.

Community development/partnership
Working together with the indigenous population in the area to contribute to forest rehabilitation, to promote sustainable forest use and to reduce poverty among communities adjacent to and inside project area.

Policy support, capacity building and knowledge management
Developing a national knowledge centre for ecosystem restoration, including the construction and managing of a resource centre at Harapan Rainforest.

Research and monitoring
Research into the impacts of restoration on CO2 emissions, biodiversity, and the local economy, identified and monitored through an on-site programme of research and monitoring.

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