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Danish Culture Programme

The Danish Culture Programme supports key Indonesian stakeholders and their efforts to develop an arts and culture sector, where cultural actors have space and capacity to freely express themselves and where art contributes to the promotion of mutual understanding and trust.

The programme supports the following key areas:
• Network for artists: National networks for artists and cultural organisations serves two purposes: 1) Strengthen the opportunities for capacity development and advocating for artists’ opportunities and rights. 2) Through networks, artists from outside Java are connected to the hubs where art is exhibited and sold, and thus have better access to markets. By supporting artists and organisations and including them in national networks, it will be easier to reach their audiences and consumers of art and culture.

• Discovering, fostering and nurturing new talents: Programme-supported activities will lead to discovery of new talents. Upcoming artists are being nurtured through the provision of spaces and networks that enable them to be connected with other artists and organisations. For new and upcoming artists networks are mandatory in order to be connected to possible collaboration partners and markets.

• Open spaces: Open and free artistic spaces, where cultural activities can take place and involve participants from communities affected by conflict, are supported in order to strengthen cultural understanding and reconciliation efforts. Presentation of art and culture as well as inviting communities to take part in activities also contribute to a more diverse art and culture scene.

• Inclusiveness and mutual understanding: Artists and cultural organisations are encouraged through the programme to collaborate with organisations working with peace and reconciliation to join forces to promote confidence building, inclusiveness and mutual understanding.

• Creative economy: Support to the cultural and creative industries in Indonesia are focused on artists’ access to the market as well as providing grounds for them to be economically sustainable. By ensuring space, budget allocation and advantageous legislation for the art sector, artists will have better preconditions to produce and sell art.

The target groups for Danish Culture Programme in Indonesia are artists and art organisations as well as communities with limited access to cultural activities in particular in post-conflict areas.
The programme focuses on establishing networks for artists and art organisations that connect the organisational hub of Java with other areas in the country. Sulawesi is one of the geographical focus areas for programme activities outside Java.

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