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Intern at the Danish Embassy in Jakarta 

The Danish Embassy in Jakarta offers four internship positions for a duration of six months, beginning in February and August. The application deadline for August internships is March 1st and the deadline for February internships is September 10th.

At the Danish Embassy in Jakarta, you will become part of a highly dynamic team working to promote Danish cooperation with the world’s 4th most populous country and one of the fastest growing economies. You will gain valuable international experience at the interface between politics, trade, energy, environment and government to government relations.

What does an intern at the Embassy actually do? Watch the video below:

Working for Denmark in Indonesia 

Indonesia, the World’s fourth largest country with around 260 million people, has experienced rapid economic growth and is still undergoing vast societal and economic changes. The country is rapidly becoming an important political power in both South East Asia and globally.

The Danish Embassy in Jakarta works closely together with Danish companies, ministries, and institutions to promote and expand cooperation with Indonesia across a range of key sectors. The Embassy’s four internship positions offer educational and challenging assignments for Danish students within the following four areas:

  • The Trade Team
  • Strategic Sector Cooperation on Energy
  • Strategic Sector Cooperation on Environment
  • Communication and Politics   

Read more about each internship position and general requirements below.

The four intern positions

The Trade Team
An important objective for the Embassy in Jakarta is to drive and accelerate Danish trade relations and investments in Indonesia. The Trade team at the Embassy offers advice and consultancy to Danish companies that are either interested in entering or already established on the Indonesian market. The intern will become familiar with the Indonesian market and Trade Council procedures, will be actively involved in supporting Danish companies in Indonesia, and will gain experience from working in a different cultural context at close range.

Examples of tasks:

  • Conducting market research
  • Retrieving specific market details
  • Identifying potential business partners
  • Preparing presentations and organising delegation/company visits
  • Participating in relevant business meetings with Indonesian partners and stakeholders
  • Updating the Embassy's website in regards to Indonesia's sector and market potential
  • Updating social media with the team's relevant activities.

Strategic Sector Cooperation on Energy

The intern will be working with the Government-to-Government energy sector cooperation between Denmark and Indonesia.


The Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) on the energy sector focuses on direct collaboration between the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Danish Energy Agency - though other agencies and stakeholders are also involved. The focus is to support the green transition in Indonesia by applying Danish experiences and knowledge where applicable. Denmark and Indonesia share mutual interests and the ambitious climate targets of Indonesia require strong support. The Government-to-Government (G2G) cooperation aims at strengthening policies as well as paving the way for new business opportunities. Furthermore, the cooperation aims to enable Indonesia to reach their climate and energy policy targets.


The intern will be part of a team managing the Embassy's Government-to-Government work within the energy sector. The intern will participate in meetings with ministries, workshops and seminars. In addition, the intern will take part in an outreach to the private sector as collaboration partner, and communicate with relevant Danish authorities. An internship in the Energy Team will provide a great opportunity of strengthening and promoting good links to Danish authorities and companies dealing with energy issues.


Examples of tasks:

  • Organising and participating in fairs
  • Planning public diplomacy events, workshops and seminars
  • Helping to cultivate the Embassy's network of Indonesian partners in various areas within climate and energy
  • Preparing posts and updating social media with relevant energy and climate activities
  • Assisting in aspects of managing the strategic sector cooperation
  • Providing background analysis and preparing written reports on Indonesian energy politics
  • The intern will have plenty of opportunity to work across the other teams at the Embassy, especially the Trade Team and the Environment Team.

Strategic Sector Cooperation on Environment

The intern will be working with a Government-to-Government cooperation between Denmark and Indonesia in the environmental sector.

The Strategic Cooperation (SSC) is an instrument focused on a direct partnership between specific authorities in Denmark and the partner country and with elements of both development cooperation and trade cooperation. In Indonesia the SSC on Environment is a new partnership between the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen) the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry and a number of other relevant government and private stakeholders.

It is among the objectives of the SSC to provide focus on a sector where Denmark and Indonesia have mutual interests and where policies and regulation may be strengthened and business opportunities may occur. In Indonesia the SSC on Environment has a focus on Circular Economy and Solid Waste Management. The intern will be part of a small team at the Embassy involved in the daily management of the cooperation, which involves participation in meetings with ministries, network meetings, progress reporting and communication with relevant Danish authorities. There is a profound opportunity of strengthening, promoting and getting good links to Danish authorities and companies dealing within environmental issues.

Examples of tasks:

  • Organising participation in fairs and planning public diplomacy events, workshops and seminars
  • Helping to cultivate the Embassy's network of Indonesia's partners in various areas within environment
  • Updating social media with the teams' relevant activities
  • Assisting in aspects of managing the strategic sector cooperation
  • Providing business case assessments to Danish companies related to environmental business opportunities
  • Assisting in the implementation of the Embassy's Strategic Sector Cooperation Programmes on environment
  • Preparing written reports on Indonesian environmental politics
  • The intern will have plenty of opportunity to work across the other teams at the Embassy, especially the Trade Team and the SCC Team

Communication and Politics
The Embassy works to promote political cooperation and knowledge about Indonesia in Denmark and the strong opportunities the country holds for Danish know-how and expertise. The Embassy is looking for an intern to can help develop and implement an ambitious communication strategy, produce articles and social media updates, and assist in tasks within the Political Team. In addition to this, the intern will also contribute with communication tasks for other teams. The intern will gain rich knowledge about political processes in Indonesia and how to effectively communicate to both Danish and Indonesian audiences. The intern will also play a significant role in developing the Embassy’s political communication framework. 

Examples of tasks:

  • Helping cultivate the Embassy's network of Danish and Indonesian journalists
  • Managing the Embassy's digital diplomacy on social media platforms
  • Preparing reports on Indonesian foreign and domestic politics and other relevant developments in ASEAN
  • Contributing in assignments within public diplomacy, press work, and media handling
  • Assisting in implementing the Embassy’s Good Governance programme
  • Acting as a partner for the Ambassador and the Deputy Head of Mission in developing the Embassy’s communication strategy.            

Cross-cutting tasks
All four interns are assisting in branding Denmark through the use of social media in the world’s largest Twitter population, which also has more than 50 million Facebook users. The interns should be ready to participate in a range of activities outside the “normal” team assignments, not least related to high-level visits that require an extraordinary effort from all teams at the Embassy. This involves partaking in the planning of events and facilitating Public Diplomacy programmes and mini grants, etc.

General conditions and requirements

The internship should ideally constitute an educational component in your Master’s degree. The internship must contribute to the student’s education and will, to the extent possible, be structured in a manner that ensures ECTS credit. It will be possible to complete an extensive assignment within an area of interest in order to obtain the required credit commanded by the student’s University. Assignments will be solved in cooperation with both Danish and Indonesian employees.

6 months. 

The intern must be a Danish citizen or have a prolonged affiliation with Denmark. It is furthermore a prerequisite that the intern is enrolled in a Danish or foreign institution of higher education during the internship. The intern must have finished a Bachelor or similar at university level. Strong English proficiency in both verbal and written language is required along with user level IT skills.

Financial support, accommodation and health insurance
The internship is unpaid but the Embassy provides a monthly subsidy (currently DKK 3,000) intended to partially support expenditures in relation to accommodation, health insurance and board. It is possible to remain eligible for SU during the internship according to the applicable rules. Interns also have the opportunity to seek grants from relevant institutions.

The intern is responsible for finding own accommodation, but the previous interns will usually be able to assist in this and other practical matters.

It is a condition that the intern takes out a health and accident insurance that covers the entire stay in Indonesia.

Security clearance and contract
Interns must be security cleared prior to the beginning of the internship. The Embassy will initiate this process as part of the finalisation of the application process.

A contract will be drafted prior to the beginning of the internship.

Further information
Interested applicants are encouraged to read the travel information for Indonesia published on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( Further questions can be directed to

An application containing a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a copy of your diploma(s),and any recommendations should be send to as a single PDF-file. Please write “Intern” and the position you wish to apply for; for instance “Intern - Trade Team”.

Deadline for application
Applications for the internship starting August 1st should be submitted by March 1st. Deadline for the internship starting in February is September 10th. Selected candidates will be contacted for a personal interview and will have to complete a written test in English.